Why Regenerative Farming?

How many times have you heard now, or even said yourself, that our world’s soil is slowly but surely being deprived and stripped of nutrients, therefore reaping fruits and vegetables that no longer contain the same medicinal and healing punch of the past? Hey, most of us are guilty and understandably so.

It becomes a bit disheartening when you walk into the produce section of your local grocery store and you realize the “high-quality, organic” fruits and vegetables that you love dearly, despite the high cost, are yielding less and less of their nutrient-rich properties. So, does this mean that all hope is lost for farming and quality produce? Absolutely not. The solution is Regenerative Agriculture and here’s a couple reasons why:

1. Regenerative agriculture in no way harms land. In fact, it only improves it. By avoiding practices such as tillage, farmers can evade destroying soil’s natural aggregation and fungal communities. In turn, allowing the soil to naturally filter and retain water, along with permitting the long-term capturing and storage of carbon.

2. It’s all about preserving and enhancing the soil’s biodiversity. Instead of using artificial fertilizers, which accelerate decomposition of soil’s organic matter, regenerative systems use cover crops, crop rotation, animal manures and compost to fertilize and maintain soil fertility and micronutrient availability.

Standard Process prides itself on the use of regenerative farming for the production of high quality, nutrient-dense supplements that transform lives. Interested in providing your patients with access to Standard Process products, free from additives and fillers? Contact us here and we’ll show you how to get started.

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