Clinical support is our forté

Stanard Process South clinial support


Unlike most companies, whose main interest is "selling you something", our goal is to provide you with outstanding one-on-one clinical support and guidance. With over 30 years of clinical experience, we take great pride in providing our clients with excellent, unbiased clinical training and support.  Whether your practice is built on Functional Medicine and testing, Energetic Medicine or anywhere in-between, we can be an asset to your practice. 


Some of the ways we offer clinical support include:

  • Incorporation & interpretation  of various functional lab test and in-office diagnostic modalities including:​​​​

    • Comprehensive functional blood work

    • Methylation testing and assessment

    • Urine and Saliva Hormone Panels

    • Advanced GI Testing

    • Organic Acid assays and neurotransmitter assessment

    • Hair analysis and toxic element screening

    • Genetic screening

    • HeartRate Variability and arterial stiffness testing

    • Bio-Impedance Analysis 

    • Electrodermal Screening (EAV)


  • Specific training and consultation for you and your key staff on a wide variety of conditions from a Functional Medicine root cause perspective including Male and Female Hormonal balance, upper and lower GI, glucose control and metabolic syndrome, detoxification and weight loss, HPA axis restoration and fatigue and others.   


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