Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN)

& Nutrition Assistant (NA) 


Standard Process South sponsors three opportunities to gain a certificate as a nutritional consultant.

The Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) Certificate is a 100-hour, postgraduate nutritional educational program sponsored by Standard Process South with certificates awarded by Texas Chiropractic College. The ACN certificate is offered only to licensed healthcare professionals. Upon completion, the healthcare professional can add “ACN” along with their other licenses.


The Nutritional Assistant (NA) Course is a 100-hour nutritional educational program sponsored by Standard Process South with certificates awarded by Texas Chiropractic College.  The NA certificate is offered to non-licensed individuals.


The Diplomat Program (DACBN) offers a higher level of expertise in the field of Clinical Nutrition and is awarded to those who complete a minimum of 300 hours of nutritional education beyond a professional degree. To obtain the DACBN you must have a professional degree from an accredited school holding status with the U.S. Department of Education and have a minimum of two years of practice experience. The ACN program 100 hours and all CE seminar hours are applicable.


Participation will equip you with an essential education in the field of clinical nutrition in order to meet the growing health challenges faced by the modern licensed healthcare practitioner.  The variety of topics available will provide you with the education needed to:


  • Understand the physiology of many health disorders

  • Address these issues by supporting the body's own systems

  • Fundamental nutritional and herbal supportive recommendations

  • Healthy lifestyle choices

  • Purification for health and wellbeing

  • Understanding lab results

  • and much more!


These programs are self-paced with no deadline for completion at this time.  Simply complete the minimum hours based on qualifying seminars suitable for your schedule.  Upon completion, you will need to complete and submit a multiple-choice exam, after which you will receive an attractive wall plaque and an official certificate of completion from Texas Chiropractic College to proudly display on your clinic wall.



Tuition & Enrollment information


If you are interested in enrolling in the ACN or NA program please send an inquiry to or call 832-928-8888.


Tuition is on a per-class basis.  Standard Process South will cover the $200 processing fee for the ACN program, and the $100 processing fee for the NA program.  Note: fully paid registration for the seminar is required.