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Built upon 30+ years of experience in the Complementary and Alternative medicine field, our mission is to assist licensed healthcare practitioners, like you, to incorporate science-based , whole food nutritional and herbal therapies and functional medicine principals into their practice, making it a clinical and financial success! 

A special COVID-19 message from Standard Process client, Dr. Aaron Chapa...

Don't let your patients and practice suffer.  Just because you may have been forced to physically shelter in place doesn't mean you should let your mind shelter in place.  Listen to this great 3-minute video from Dr. Aaron Chapa to see how he is utilizing this time to build strong bonds with his patients and community and is busier than ever!

We offer Practitioners:


Providing practitioners and their staff with expert ongoing and extensive clinical support

Giving practitioners competitive advantage with proven protocols, staff training and marketing solutions.

We help your clinic by offering complimentary in-office functional health testing to better evaluate patient needs.

Offering continued education to stay on top of the latest and greatest trends in functional medicine.

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